Drum Sticks


THICKNESS:  The thickness of a drumstick's shaft affects the overall weight, projection and strength. A thicker, heavier stick creates greater sound and offers increased durability. A thinner stick is lighter, faster and plays with greater ease. Generally, you need to match the thickness of your stick selection with the style of music that you play, and the volume in which you intend to play it.

TAPER:  The taper affects the feel and behavior of a pair of sticks. A long taper produces more flex and a faster response, while a short taper is stiffer and offers additional strength. The amount of taper and location of the "shoulder" (where the taper begins) determines the balance of the stick.

TIP SHAPE:  The tip shape is critical to the overall sound a stick will produce on drums and cymbals (the sound difference is more pronounced on cymbals).

LENGTH:  The length of the stick affects its leverage and "reach" around the drumset.

WOOD:  The wood type is the key to a stick's response and durability.