Grantsville Jr. High School


Grantsville Band and Orchestra Programs

The Grantsville band/orchestra programs have existed for over 100 years. They are historic programs that have benefited the lives of so many young musicians. The programs offer beginning band/orchestra classes to elementary and junior high groups. It also offers intermediate and advanced education to junior high students. The entire program hosts more than 200 musicians from 5th-12th grade.
If you have any questions about the band program, you can contact the Director of Bands at Grantsville Jr. High
Risa Baker
to contact the Director of Bands Grantsville High School (elementary band):
Don McGuire
to contact the Director of Orchestras:
Andrew Swan

Instrument Rental


 Bert Murdock is here to help provide you with materials and method books needed for your classes.
If you have any questions regarding instrument rentals and materials,
please contact Bert Murdock directly (801) 225-7922 or 
Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Click on one of the pictures below to rent your instrument now for band or orchestra.

Bert Murdock Music will deliver the instrument to your home, your school rental night (if applicable),

or you can pick it up at their Orem store location or Birch Family Pharmacy.




Pick up your extra music supplies locally at:



Birch is fully stocked with the following items weekly


Band Supplies:

Cleaning swabs (for all band instruments): $8.99-$16.99

Valve and slide cream and oil: $3.99-$9.99

Reeds for Saxophone and Clarinet: $22.99-$44.99 per box

Reeds for Oboe and Bassoon: $19.99


Orchestra and Guitar Supplies:

D'Addario Prelude Strings (all orchestra instruments and sizes): $6.99-$25.99

Everest Shoulder Rest, Rosin and Finger Board Charts: $6.50-$25.50

Guitar Strings: $9.99-$15.99