Bert Murdock music has been supporting Utah's music programs since 1975!  Our rent-to-own program is designed to allow parents the options and flexability of a low monthly payment while maintaining the ability to purchase or end your rental at any time.

Benefits of our rent-to-own program:
  • Affordable monthly payments - as low as $17 per month!
  • Rent-to-own, until you own it or return it, it's up to you!
  • Lifetime exchange!
  • 72.32% of every payment applies to ownership!
  • No long term contracts!
  • No penalties for switching instruments or upgrading!  
  • Cases and pertinent accessories included!
  • Repair & Replacement Plans available!  Keep your instrument in top playing condition!
  • Convenient Service! Rent online or visit us or our partners at 14 locations across the State!
  • Secure Credit Card Payments!.  

*Available for Utah residents only.