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Guaranteed Replacement & Extended Service Plan - Trombone, Viola (Monthly)
Guaranteed Replacement & Extended Service Plan - Trombone, Viola (Monthly) (GPESP7)
Our GP & ESP plan is available on all of our rental agreements.  It entitles the customer to a replacement of their instrument at no charge in the event the instrument is stolen or destroyed by flood, fire, etc.  
Also, if the instrument is damaged, broken or in need of general repairs or maintenance, these will be done without cost to the customer.
1. I understand that this program is optional. 2. I agree to be totally responsible for all maintenance, repair, and up keep of the rental instrument if I elect not to participate in this program. 3. If I do participate I understand that Bert Murdock Music will maintain the instrument in proper playing condition, parts and repair included, and will replace the instrument under certain circumstances. 4. This program does not apply to defects nor 
repair that result from: intentional damage, abuse, malicious use, negligence, restoration of finish, replacement of consumable accessories nor general cleaning. 5. All repairs must be performed by Bert Murdock Music or at a repair facility of its choosing. 6. Unauthorized repairs will void this program. 


List Price: $0.00 Manufacturer: BERT MURDOCK MUSIC
Price: $6.99 (Save $-6.99) Model Number: GPESP7

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