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1602RS XO Professional Series Bb Trumpet
1602RS XO Professional Series Bb Trumpet (1602RS)

The 1602RS Professional Series Bb Trumpet features a .459" bore and a 4.8" one-piece hand-hammered bell for excellent response and tone. It includes rounded and elliptical tuning slides, regular- and light-action spring sets that allow you to customize the response of the instrument to your needs. The 1602S Professional Series Bb Trumpet also includes standard and weighted bottom valve caps so you can add mass to enhance the projection of the instrument.

  • Key: Bb
  • Bore: .459"
  • Leadpipe: Standard
  • Leadpipe Material: Rose Brass
  • Bell: 4.8" One-piece, hand-hammered
  • Bell Material: Rose Brass
  • Valves: Monel Piston
  • 1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb Saddle
  • 3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Fixed Ring
  • Features: Rounded and Elliptical Main Tuning Slides; Regular and Lightweight Valve Springs; Standard and Heavy Weight Bottom Valve Caps
  • Case: XO Classic Series
  • Mouthpiece: JBM-TR3C
  • Finish: Silver (Special Request 1602RL for Lacquer)
List Price: $4,614.00 Manufacturer: XO
Price: $2,999.00 (Save $1,615.00) Model Number: 1602RS

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