Advanced Violin 4/4 - NEW (VL275ST4)
Advanced Violin 4/4 - NEW
Model# VL275ST4

This step-up model is of such high quality that some luthiers who have evalutated these instruments have believed them to be...

Price: C$2,149.57

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Intermediate Violin 4/4 - NEW (VL175ST4)
Intermediate Violin 4/4 - NEW
Model# VL175ST4

Outstanding features include aged solid tonewoods, genuine hand-inlaid purfling, genuine ebony fittings and a glowing...

Price: C$1,643.49

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Student Violin 4/4 - NEW (VL155ST4)
Student Violin 4/4 - NEW
Model# VL155ST4

Old World hand-craftsmanship and quality solid tonewoods and fittings begins right here with our entry level violins and...

Price: C$757.85

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